Lexus Design Award 2019

Although countless communication technology enable people correspond easily and fast, the communication between human beings has always been an issue. We are facing the challenge of reconciling our tangible and analogue communication with technology. What if the interaction between humans deviates from the fast changing information, flat and square screens, and computer pixels?


Slow Scape is an interface focusing on the design of gradual and meaningful interactions between human and materials by exploring interactive architecture through cross-disciplinary technology and making. It has a potential to enable new forms of interaction and expressiveness through flexible materials and computational sensors. By taking materials of the slow scape, users explore how the behavior of communication can interact with each other.


Slow Scape consists of three parts: computer programming, fabrication, and user participation. Integrating computer vision library, Processing and Arduino, the interface is fabricated by reused timber structure, old 3D printer, fabric, and sand. Lastly, interaction between users create slow scape on top of fabric filled with sand.



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    Z-axis Drawing

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    Multi Users

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    Arduino Processing